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Environmental Monitoring System

There is an increasing global focus on emission reduction and control from many different sources. Tightening international and national regulations on emissions from industries are gradually being implemented. Complying with regulations is a driving force for any operation involving combustion processes. In order to achieve compliance with the environmental regulations, extensive development resources are allocated to the development of emission reduction and continuous emission monitoring solutions for gasses including NOx, SOx, CO2, PM and other polluting media.
Gas Emission Monitoring
Today, SAMA is one of the leading suppliers of gas emission monitoring systems for the industries. In recent years, SAMA offers different products to online measuring of O2, CO, CO2, SO2, NO, NO2, NOx, H2S parameters an Extractive and in-situ monitoring solution which allows the direct measurement of gases in hot, wet flue gas.
Our NOx/O2 Analyzing System is based on the newest zirconia (ZrO2) sensor technology. The system is simple and robust and can be used to monitor NOx emission from any combustion and industrial process.
Smoke Emissions
Focus on smoke emissions has increased simultaneously with the increasing focus on air pollution –especially the release of toxic pollutants. This is especially relevant in connection to the exhaust gas that is emitted as a result of the combustion of fuels.
Diesel engines contribute a large percentage of the total air pollution. This is why stricter and stricter regulations are being introduced in this area.
Regional authorities around the world, especially in Iran, are to increasing degrees regulating emissions from industrial plants as well as ships.
Monitoring Emissions
In order to comply with emission standards you have to monitor emissions. If you comply with environmental standards and regulations it will contribute to avoiding fines and the risk of being delayed by time-consuming investigations. This will also contribute positively to your image as being an environmentally responsible company.
The Smoke Density Monitor is our newly developed Opacity Monitor. The system uses green laser technology and can be configured up to 8 detectors per monitor.
If you need to monitor acid mist in chemical processes, we can provide the Opacity Monitor system.
Water Monitoring
Flexible and Modular Design
The Water Monitoring System can be configured with an optional sampling unit (either a pump cabinet or a pressure reduction cabinet) depending on the location of the Water Monitoring System. The sampling unit includes a de-bubbler, which avoids interference due to the sample degassing.
A water monitoring solution normally includes the monitoring systems at both the inlet and outlet of the scrubber. There are also optional system setups which include the standard parameters and other required parameters such as water density upon specific monitoring requirements.
Fully Compliant Solution
The Water Monitoring System is fully compliant with resolution MEPC. 259(68). The G6100 is currently the only complete system in the world which has achieved a marine type approval by DNV/GL, RINA, Lloyd´s Register and Bureau Veritas for monitoring of all media (PAH, turbidity, and pH/temperature) required in MEPC. 259(68).

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