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Solar Panels & Inverters

The sun is the main source of energy on our planet, plants are the biggest consumers of this kind of energy. With the help of solar panels we can also convert solar energy into electricity. A big advantage is that solar panels do not pollute the environment. The sun not only gives the earth heat, but also electricity. With Photovoltaic Solar Panels on the roof, Land , … every homeowner becomes a producer of electricity. In Iran, solar energy is purchased by the government. The money that you spend on solar panels can be recouped after a few years, as mentioned earlier, with the help of the government. Some advantages:

  • No pollution,
  • Environmentally friendly,
  • Easy to remember,
  • After a few years, earns the money back,
  • Installation and fabrication do not take much time,
  • The panels always produce energy.

SAMA CO. helps you to find a suitable installation, please contact us to introduce you the different types of European solar panels and inverters with regards of Quality and Price.

Portable Solar Systems

Portable solar systems designed and developed at European Company in a variety of capacities and in a totally portable format enables solar power supply in areas where permanent power supply is not applicable. Considering the order type, the foregoing systems may store energy for a couple of days in case of black of sunlight.

Portable Solar Systems Applications:

  • Applicable for recreational and research camps,
  • Applicable by aids forces upon events in mobile stations,
  • Applicable for mountain climbing stations and research camps,
  • Security posts,
  • Industrial projects (site mobilization temporary units),
  • Tribal tents, etc

Solar Water Pumps

Due to quite suitable solar irradiation in Iran, using solar energy to transmit water from semi deep and deep wells to the ground surface for agricultural and drinking consumptions in the regions where there is no power supply and those currently using diesel for water pumping from the wells is considered as the best solution for flourishing and development of the said regions.

Using the most advanced equipment and solar pumps and due to our experiences in the field of commissioning solar systems, SAMA Company provides the possibility to supply required water pumping systems for the regions not connected to the main power grid through taking benefit from the solar energy.

Advantages of Solar Pumps:

  • Supplying free solar energy,
  • Low maintenance costs,
  • Easy commissioning throughout the country,
  • Applicable in a variety of sizes, from small lands to vast farms,
  • Changeable system from a location to the other,
  • Preventing consumption of fossil fuels and contamination of farms and wells to diesel,
  • Developing deprived and remote areas due to power supply for farms,

As well as several other advantages achievable through commissioning solar water pumping systems.

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