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Process & Safety Department

    • Basic and detail design and documentation of process systems
    • Battery limit list
    • Basis of Design
    • Heat & Mass Balance
    • Hydraulic calculation
    • Process Equipment Sizing and Calculation
    • PFD Generation
    • Process Simulation utilizing HYSYS, ASPEN…
    • Process Description
    • Basic Process Control Philosophy
    • P&ID Generation and mechanization
    • Process Datasheets for Equipments
    • Process Datasheets for Instruments
    • Flare Load Summary and PSV Calculation
    • Vendor data incorporation
    • Finalization of utility consumption list and battery limit list
    • Line list and valve list
    • Cooperation with other disciplines
    • Firewater Supply, Distribution and Foam Systems
    • Fire and Flammable/Toxic Gas Detection Systems
    • Passive Fire Protection Systems
    • Relief and Blow down Systems
    • Emergency Shutdown Systems
    • Emergency Depressurization Systems
    • The preparation of Safety Case and COMAH Documentation
    • Hazardous Area Classification using API-505 and IPS E-EL-110
  • Hazard Analysis and Quantitative Risk Assessment
    • Hazard Identification using HAZOP, HAZID, FTA, ETA, FMEA and JSA for onshore and offshore facilities
    • Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Assessment; onshore and offshore
    • Safety Engineering Analytical Methods SIL, LOPA and RAM Studies
    • Consequence Modeling and simulation for onshore and offshore facilities
    • Design and Implementation of HSE Management Systems
    • ERP (Emergency Response Planning)
    • EER (Escape, Evacuation and rescue) Analysis
    • Detail Engineering and Design of Safety & Firefighting Systems
    • Professional Safety Engineering Training
    • Fire Risk Analysis
    • Fire and Explosion Assessment
    • Event Tree and Fault Tree Analysis
    • Hydrocarbon and Toxic Gas Release Modeling
    • Vent and Flare System Thermal Radiation
    • Availability and Reliability Analysis
    • Safety Instrument System Analysis to ISA 84
    • Instrument Protective Function Classification to IEC SC 65A/1508

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