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  • Engineering

SAMA CO. with our European partner define the right solution according to customer needs and available resources. We take over the complete approval process and we are your partner when dealing with the authorities. We take over the complete approval procedure until obtaining the notice of approval.

  • New construction

SAMA CO. offer biogas plants with maximum flexibility where expansions or changes can be made easily and cost-effectively at any time. We propose a product range that includes farm-scale biogas plants for agricultural residues as well as “Waste to Energy” projects for industrial waste. We offer biogas solutions for:

  • Farms,
  • Industrial waste,
  • Waste water treatment plant
  • and Landfill.
  • Technical service

SAMA CO. offers all the relevant services to efficiently supervise your biogas plant:

  • Remote maintenance
  • Technical service and support of CHP units
  • On-site replacement service
  • Consulting service for new technologies or plant extension

Beside this we carry out a complete range of analysis and provide an interpretation of results that contributes towards quick start-up procedure and stable operation of the plant.

  • RePower = Increase Efficiency

RePowering provides customers technical and biological advice and solutions to optimise the plant performance and to increase reliability and efficiency. It includes: Site visit to the plant, site conditions evaluation, and recommendation of technical and biological solutions.

Our Clients