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Solar Power Plant

The sun is the main source of energy on our planet, plants are the biggest consumers of this kind of energy. With the help of solar panels we can also convert Solar Energy into Electricity. A big advantage is that solar panels do not pollute the environment. The sun not only gives the earth heat, but also electricity. With Photovoltaic Solar Panels on the roof, Land , … every homeowner becomes a producer of electricity. In Iran, solar energy can be purchased by the government. Considering our knowhow and experiences and through taking benefit from the local information and knowledge, SAMA Company locates proper lands to construct PV Solar power plants throughout the country. The minimum expenditure for injection to the grid and transmission, grid study, maximum solar irradiation and optimized construction costs as well as final balance of construction and production costs may be considered as some of the controlling parameters in solar power plant. Positioning the PV Solar power plants is deeded as the most important primary stages to construct power plant which is rendered as one of the technical consultation services of the company to the investors and applicants for construction of PV power plants in Iran.

SAMA CO Activities:

  • EPC Contractor of PV Solar Power Plants in Iran
  • Consultation overseas technology owner companies and investors on constructing PV Solar Power Plants in Iran,
  • Obtaining all the required permissions to concluded PPA (Power Purchase Agreement),
  • Rendering distribution center services as a mean to offer sales and after sales services to PV Solar Power Plants equipment manufacturing companies in Iran,
  • Rendering consultation services on drawing up and submitting feasibility study to the investment authorities and international banks.

Using all our facilities, experiences and knowledge, SAMA company is ready to cooperate in all fields of consultant, execution and partnership in the field of construction of PV Solar Power Plants in Iran with the foreign and domestic companies.

  • Choosing proper site to construct solar park and proceed to lease and purchase site through obtaining approval from state authorities,
  • Rendering engineering and designing services for PV Solar Power Plants and obtaining approval from ministry of energy,
  • Procuring equipment and bulk material from reliable domestic and overseas sources and obtaining approval from ministry of energy,
  • Rendering all the required customs services on releasing power plant goods,
  • Rendering project executive services , inter alia, preparing the site until injection to the grid,
  • Obtaining permission for final injection to the grid based on approved drawings,
  • Operation and maintenance (O&M) of solar power plant, training, preparing all technical documentations and conducting power plant’s repairs affairs.

Through taking benefit from our capabilities and experiences in the fields of designing, constructing and commissioning of Solar Power Plant systems, SAMA Company offers of power supply using off-Grid and Hybrid systems.

Power supplying for villages and hard-to-reach areas remote from the main grid is deemed as one of the issues faced by power Distribution Company.

Advantages of off-Grid systems:

  • Commissioning solar power supply systems at any location without any need for fossil fuels consumption,
  • Minimized need for repairs and maintenance,
  • High effective lifetime of equipment,
  • Preventing natural resources contamination,
  • Development of agricultural products,
  • Development of welfare facilities in villages and prevention of immigration by the villagers to cities.

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