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Procurement Services

SAMA procurement capability covers purchasing, expediting, quality control and inspection, and shipping services. Equipment and materials are purchased on a worldwide basis in its search for the optimum balance of assured quality, cost and delivery. All procurement activity is performed under strict, auditable procedures from the initial selection of potential suppliers to contract close-out. SAMA maintains a regularly updated database of suppliers selected on the basis of records, performance reviews and clients’ requirements.

A suite of computer software provides the underlying control and tracking mechanism for procurement activities and links to design, accounting and project planning, and documentation systems. The systems provide clear and detailed visibility of the progress and performance of each order and, thereby, the information essential to effective management of the project.

The SAMA procurement department experts are trained and experienced for golden rules in procurement process.

1- Clarity to know what are the manufacturers and suppliers supposed to do. This section is achieved by preparation of efficient documents such as RFQ, TS, MR, QC procedure and Etc.

2- Survey the Market to know which manufacturer or company can best help for the project. We investigate the type of process and application and with our comprehensive directory of manufacturers and suppliers we can best select what is really needed by CLIENT.

3- Efficient Foundation to ensure that important and critical items have been foreseen in the contract and by good procedure management, reduced delivery time is feasible.

4- Technology Transfer by applying efficient policies and mutual agreements between manufacturer and domestic party to perform reverse engineering and provide background for in-house production and cost reduction in future projects.

SAMA CO. Procurement department is responsible for buying and delivering products such as valves, fittings, pipes, pumps, compressors, vessels and etc. at  the lowest possible prices and shortest time in the industry. Our procurement department will accomplish technical coordination between CLIENT or in-house engineering department and manufacturers (or suppliers) in an efficient manner. This is done by following well-recognized steps:

  • Reception of Technical Datasheets from CLIENT or SAMA Engineering Department
  • Reception of Technical Specification (TS) from CLIENT or SAMA Engineering Department.
  • Reception of material requisition (MR) from CLIENT or SAMA Engineering Department.
  • Submittal of RFQ (Request for Quote) to our certified and well-known manufacturers or suppliers.
  • Reception of Technical and Commercial Proposals from Manufacturers or Suppliers
  • Sending Technical Proposals to SAMA Engineering Department for Technical Bid Evaluation (TBE)
  • Checking Contractual & Commercial & QC Specification
  • Providing QC Plan and Test Procedure
  • Performing Commercial and Financial Activities like opening L.C (Letter of Credit)
  • Delivery to Customer

For information about the products that can be supplied by SAMA please see PRODUCTS link.

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